Why would you want ‘dirty’ power, when you can have endless, clean, pure energy from the sun?
Of course, the biggest advantage to solar power is the savings to your wallet. No more high electricity bills. What more could you ask for?
Solar is actually an investment in the future. Yes, it can be costly, but you can choose to start small by first installing a solar geyser, then slowly work your way up to being completely off the grid. There are many options available and this can be done over a number of years.
You can choose to invest in a hybrid power system, a grid-tied system that will power the appliances in your home, or go entirely off the Eskom grid. Most importantly, when you make the bold step to go solar, it’s very important to know that the system you’re investing so much money in, is top quality, one that will last.

Awesome solar products on the market today

Great strides have been made in the solar industry. Today you can purchase fantastic products including solar light kits, solar pool pumps, even a nifty little portable system that you can take on holiday or take with you to go camping. You can charge your cellphone or power up your laptop or watch TV in a tent in the bush. Now that’s powerful stuff.
And if you really want to understand how far the solar age has advanced. In France, for example, a road has been constructed of specially engineered solar panels that can be driven upon. So doubt no more, solar is here to stay and is progressing at an accelerated pace.
Slowly but surely, the world is moving into the solar age with some countries now using mostly solar energy including Japan, Belgium, USA, Germany, Italy and Australia.
You can now put your misgivings to rest. It’s no longer a peek into the future. Solar is the future and we’re living it.
But in order to appreciate the benefits of solar energy, one needs to understand why we need to change to solar energy.

Coal-fired power plants are a major contributor to climate change

Most people are not aware of the health and environmental impact that coal-fired plants have on the planet.
Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas and are the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases.
Coal-fired power plants emit many toxic elements including sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, arsenic, and heavy metals like chromium, cadmium, and mercury.

What is global warming?

The burning of coal is the leading culprit in global warming and the largest source of carbon dioxide; the biggest contributor to climate change.
Both coal mining and burning generate enormous amounts of liquid waste called slurry, that contains carcinogenic compounds and toxic heavy metals. Slurry is stored in large lagoons that sometimes leak or break, resulting in toxic slurry floods and water contamination.
Unless we move quickly to invest in solar power and reduce our dependence on coal as an energy source, the effects of global warming will be irreversible and we will reach the point of no return.



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