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home improver


Home improvement ideas that will turn your house into comfort zone

Make a list of all the things you want to improve, check your budget and decide how much work you are willing and able to do.
DIY can be fun, but should not be undertaken on a whim. You need to think carefully about what needs to be done, plan meticulously, and work out exactly how much the job is going to cost – right down to the last screw and final lick of paint.
Home maintenance is very important. If these tasks are neglected for too long, the value of your home can be adversely affected. Some tasks require specialised construction that is best left to professional contractors, but there are plenty of DIY tasks that you can safely do yourself.
Thanks to technology, there is a wealth of information available on how to tackle almost every home improvement you can possibly imagine. Remember, Google and YouTube are excellent teachers, whether you are changing the colour of your walls, laying a new carpet or just making better use of the space you have available.
Not only do you want to make your home more comfortable and attractive, you also want to add value, so be sure to use the best quality products you can afford to ensure your time and money are well spent.


Time to get creative

‘I have too much storage space in my kitchen,’ said no one, ever! Take advantage of a corner space and install some shelving on which to display your most attractive crockery.
Attach your spice rack to the wall within easy reach of the stove (not close enough for the steam to damage the contents) and screwing cup hooks beneath your cupboards on which to hang your mugs can also free up a surprising amount of space.
If you can’t afford to install a whole new kitchen, revamp the existing cupboards with a coat of paint and add new handles for a fresh look. Unattractive or damaged kitchen counter tops are a big turn-off, so try and replace these if you can.
Light fixtures are not only functional, they can become a feature in their own right. A decorative fixture can add a sense of style to a room, and the right mood can be created with a choice of different colour or wattage globes.


Maximise your space

Blank walls are just begging to be filled, so why not install some shelving for your books, CDs and all those ornaments you’ve collected over the years. Add a bit of funk by making the shelves into interlinking box shapes or by adding a colourful trim to the edges.
If the grouting between your tiles is dingy, discoloured, or cracked, it’s time to remove it and start again. Whether it’s around your kitchen sink, bath, or shower, remove the old grout, clean the area well and replace with a new layer. And the same applies if you have a silicon seal that’s grown a crop of mould. It’s amazing what a difference this will make to a tired-looking bathroom.
The entrance to your home creates the first impression and as they say, first impressions last so it’s important that your entrance hall or lobby is inviting. Fresh flowers and a few well positioned pot plants can make all the difference, as can a bright new rug.
One last piece of advice – have fun! They say a change is as good as a holiday, so why not put that theory to the test?