Do you know what different colours mean?


IMAGINE A world in black and white – pretty boring right?

Colours play huge roles in our every day lives and certain colours represent certain things.

According to DigitalSkratch, our every day colours, actually have meaning to themselves:

Red – This colour is often associated with danger, warnings, blood and war. It is a very strong and bold colour and is seen as a sign of pride and strength. Others look at this as a very romantic and passionate colour, Valentine’s Day for example, promotes all things red.

Orange – This is a very warm and fiery colour. Orange is seen as a fun colour and is one of the colours that are actually liked by a majority of people. People also associate healthy foods with this colour because of it being a citrus colour.

Yellow – Bright, youthful and playful. This jovial colour easily brightens up any room, but when you come across a couple shades too dark, it can become rather dirty looking. On the negative side, this colour is also associated with cowardliness.

Green – This colour is associated with growth, healthy living, money and safety. Products that have anything green on the logos symbolise natural goodness. Dark green is also looked at in finance light and military matters.

Blue – Intelligence, and calmness is shown with this colour. Blue is often associated with loyalty, wisdom and honesty. This colour is known to be rather popular among men.

Purple – This has always been a colour related to royalty, nobility and power. This bright and extravagant colour is relatively popular among teen girls.

Black – Many people look at this colour as a depressing and evil colour, but black also shows extravagance, power and sophistication. The best formal wear is often black and indicates a powerful presence. Most importantly, black goes well with just about anything.

White – This colour shows purity, cleanliness and peace. When white is used in anything, it mainly radiates positivity. White usually is associated with hospitals, doctors, and heaven.

You may or may not agree with the symbolism and meanings of these colours as everyone does have their own opinions.

Whatever the case may be, appreciate the colourful world you live in.


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