Water account problem lies with post office

FOR two months, people in various parts of the South Coast have not received water bills, leading to much confusion as to how much they owed Ugu.

One businessman from Marburg said he had waited in vain for his statements to arrive.

“I run a business, I cannot just up and leave to go and queue for a bill which someone is being paid to send to me every month. It’s not fair.”

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A businessman from Port Edward told the Herald that when the first month went by without him receiving a statement, he thought it was an oversight. But when the second month passed and the same thing happened, he knew there was something wrong.

“I had to email Ugu on both occasions in order to receive my bill. They need to come out and tell us what’s wrong with their billing system.”

Speaking to the Herald, Ugu spokesman, France Zama said the problem did not lie with the municipality or its billing system.

“The municipality had introduced a new financial system as per a directive from National Treasury which required all service providers to be registered on a central supplier database.

“The municipality was unable to issue water statements to customers through the post office as per the normal procedure due to the post office having not yet complied with the National Treasury requirements.”


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