OPINION: ‘Open letter to Sibusiso Nzimande’

DEAR Mr Nzimande,

I refer to an email where it clearly states that you would respond to my email about hooting of taxis, and with over two weeks that have gone by, I find this unacceptable.

Not only is this rude, but it also highlights that you are really not interested in concerned ratepayers, businesses, tourists and residents. Why is this so?

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I would also like to highlight the issue over the past weekend when protection services were called and again, no response – as always is the case.

Perhaps you are unaware that tourism is the biggest industry in the world and the lifeblood of this area, and yet they do not respond to real issues, which raises the question – don’t they care? Actions speak louder than words.

In my humble opinion, they are non-functional and should be overhauled from the top to the bottom. It is our constitutional right to have the law enforced and you, sir, need to ensure that this happens.

I am appalled at the lack of response from your department and, should this escalate, I hold you responsible for this unacceptable state of affairs – after all, you are in charge of this department.

I look forward – am not going to hold my breath, though – to your immediate response to this.

Very disappointed.




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