OPINION: ‘New rates rebate policy implications for pensioners’

DEAR Editor,-

The comparative financial implications for pensioners since the adoption of the new Rates Rebate Policy from 2017/2018 are totally contradictory to The Constitution. This is blatant prejudice against pensioners in the upper market coastal strip of the RNM district of jurisdiction.

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Comparing like for like reveals the serious implications for pensioners who did qualify last year vs qualifying this year.

Based on a property valued at R1 280 000:

* At 75 percent previous rebate, the ratepayer will now be paying R703.92 more pm = +132 percent!

* At 50 percent previous rebate, he will now be paying R400.87 more pm = +34 percent!

* At 25 percent previous rebate, he will now be paying R97.81 more pm = + 11 percent!

A reasonable person can see that this new rebate calculation method is totally unacceptable and unfair. Where is the poor pensioner going to find the additional funds to service his rates account?

The house value in rural areas, considering the valuations, mean the numbers of dwellings under R200 000 will pay zero rates and the coastal strip property owners will be doing the subsidy for RNM rates income budgeting, in my opinion, and pensioners who have to reapply for their two-year rebate cycle are in for a serious shock!



(Letter shortened)


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