OPINION: ‘Traffic lights will cause chaos in season’

DEAR Editor,-

1) The traffic light at the intersection on Marine Drive and Izotsha Road (going up to Southcoast Mall) in Shelly Beach has been changed to allow cars coming from Port Shepstone to turn right into Izotsha Road with a flashing green arrow before the robot turns green for both sides on Marine Drive to proceed.

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Traffic travelling from Shelly Beach towards Sheppie is now backed up all the way from the robot at Thompson Nissan and beyond. I counted the seconds for right of way for cars travelling to Sheppie and it amounts to 22 seconds for the green light.

The red light lasts 38 seconds which means this is causing a massive back up of traffic. Can you imagine the hassle this will cause during the holidays? Can something be done?

2) Roads throughout the South Coast suburbs are in shocking condition and absolutely nothing is being done about it!




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