OPINION: ‘Ugu mayor won’t politicise mayoral stakeholder meetings’

DEAR Editor,-

An unfortunate and petty letter was written by DA Cllr Peter Naude, where he accuses me of undermining ward councillors when meeting with ratepayers as stakeholders.

I do not meet stakeholders in my capacity as an ANC deployee, but meet them as a neutral mayor of Ugu District. Ratepayers availed themselves to assist Ugu with skills in solving water issues. Unfortunately for Cllr Naude, the ratepayers are not established through political parties.

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In his opportunistic letter he found convenient moments to throw cheap political punches at me, spreading false information that I go into hiding.

In that letter it became clear to me that if I had invited him to our stakeholder meeting it would have become like a council meeting where his role is to oppose. Yet in the stakeholder meeting, where relevant people were present, we had very fruitful discussions.

Water challenges are a concern for all of us and cannot be used as a campaigning tool. As the mayor I am contacted by all councillors, regardless of a political party, to solve water challenges.

Even people who do not vote have a right to access clean drinking water. Access to clean drinking water is not like a stokvel where a person contributes a vote and gets water.

All councillors need to work for their communities, regardless of who they voted for.

When a person is sworn in as a councillor he/she becomes neutral and serves communities without pushing any political party cards. It would be very unfortunate for Cllr Naude to regard himself as councillor of a certain political party when doing councillor duties in his community.


Ugu District Mayor


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