OPINION: ‘Stay safe with some sensible tips’

DEAR Editor,-

Most people are at risk after leaving secure premises. Here are a few tips for staying safe:

* Avoid deserted areas, alone or even with a few friends.

* Take care when wearing loose jewellery and bags.

* Be aware of your surroundings while using a cellphone.

* Do not park your vehicle away from other vehicles in a parking area and when parking in the street and do not exit your vehicle when cajoled by a stranger.

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* While driving, control is the key word – Do not get involved in road rage incidents; your life and that of your family could be destroyed.

* Do not stop at an entrance gate when there are strangers in close proximity. Bushes near an entrance are a danger as they offer concealment.

* Keep a small pepper spray handy and be vigilant at all times – your safety is important to many people.


Kung Fu teacher, Ramsgate


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