OPINION: ‘Vandalism was savage and uncalled for’

DEAR Editor,-

The community park that was set up in Ocean View Road in Sea Park has been vandalised once again. These ‘barbarians’ believe in destroying, burning, breaking, vandalising and demolishing everything.

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I can still picture the way John Irven (policing forum), Cindy McDonald (CHL) and workers from her hubby’s garden services worked so hard and long to get the piece of ground into a park for children to play and relax. It was hard physical sweat for the entire team to get it looking attractive.

The idiots who broke the cement tables and chairs, the leopard-crawl tunnels, etc, must be feeling so proud of themselves. The park became a place for them to have their three course meals at night time.

The music blares and thumps, the fire burns and starter meals packets are left strewn all over the park. Once they were finished their braaiing for their main meal (meat packets littered all over), then it was time for fun and games!

Breaking and destroying whatever they could. And the last item on the menu? The dessert. Used condoms all over the park.

The happy barbarians enjoyed their three course meal, breaking down and destroying what our young generation could have benefited from with fun and games. It is absolutely disgusting, unacceptable and savage!

What is going to happen to the next generation if such people carry on destroying and breaking down things that are being built for them? John, Cindy and team, I am terribly sorry that these uncivil people destroyed what you people thought ‘Yes, what an awesome idea!’


Sea Park.


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