Zimasa in the Zone: Police minister mum on #MananaAssault

I HAVE watched in awe how women get abused by men over and over again and how we rant about it for a day or two, before quickly moving on to the next hot topic.

Not so long ago,we were calling men ‘trash’ following a spike in women being killed and dumped like trash by men in various parts of the country. Remember Karabo Mokoena?

For the past two days, social media has been abuzz with the ‘Manana’ incident –  a video circulating which apparently shows Deputy Minister for Education, Mduduzi Manana violently attacking a woman for calling him gay.

Women are often called names by men but they don’t go around beating men.

Those are double standards right there….nothing can justify beating up a defenseless women like that.

The police minister’s silence is also deafening…

A number of women have since come forward claiming they too have been attacked by Manana – and silenced after the fact.

Meanwhile, Manana has apologised, but is it enough?

Just as I watched the #MananaAssault video, I came across another disturbing video dubbed the ‘KFC video’ where six men attacked a powerless woman and her husband.

How shameful!

How did we arrive at this point?

When will this END?


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