Fidler in the hood: River, Stay Away From My Door

Burst water pipes have caused a river to run through the intersection of Garden Avenue and Arron Road, St Michael's.

ANOTHER great week and the eighth month of the year is upon us. The weather remains perfect: a case of ‘got the sun in the morning, and the moon at night’!

SOS (Save our Street!)

The week started with a call from Colin and Vi Eltis of St Mike’s. “Rob, can you write something about the state of the water leaks in our area, please? It’s really bad.” I agreed to call by to see for myself and was greeted by the Eltis’s wearing, I swear, their red and white lifebelts with the words ‘RMS Titanic’.

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I thought perhaps ‘a bit over the top’, but looking at the tidal wave outside their place I got the message. Now, I know the Hibiscus Coast ‘has a few leaks here and there’, but haven’t noticed a ‘tsunami’ like the one at the corner of Garden Avenue and Arron Road. “Am I in Venice, perhaps?” I asked.

Vi said “It’s been like this for months now, getting worse by the week.” “Have you reported it?” I asked. “Of course we have, but it’s a wasted effort. Nothing’s done.” Colin added “Well not quite, pet.

We did see someone having a look fairly recently. We thought he might be from the ‘Ministry of Tourism’. They wanted to make it a must-see-attraction, with lots of water sport facilities, you know: boogie-boarding, white water rafting; that kind of thing.” Who says Geordies haven’t a sense of humour?

Rivers of Babylon

It is an eyesore and quite staggering really. Potholes get bigger by the day; erosion is frightening. We have local municipality imploring us inmates of Hibiscus Coast to ‘Save water – or else’. The ‘else’ being dire retribution if we don’t toe the line. Fair enough.

Water, water everywhere and not a municipal repairman in sight for months.

But why don’t municipality leaders do their bit and repair the never-ending crisis? The corner of Garden and Arron would do for starters and if and when they get ‘in the mood’ to do a decent day’s work, have a look at the major leakage on the corner of Marine Drive and Edward Street, Uvongo.

That particular ‘watering hole’ has been leaking since the CO and I arrived here 26 months ago. Every time we pass by, I can’t help thinking we live ‘By the Rivers of Babylon’. So, how about it, Ray Nkonyeni? Unless we ‘stop the water leaks’, it’s gonna be a case of the ‘River of No Return’.

Twin Towers

Now I’m all for boosting delights and tourist spots, but, really I don’t think Uvongo’s own version of the ‘Twin Towers’ qualifies as a must-see tourist spot.

I’m talking about two lampposts, two metres apart in Dee Road. I wrote about this a few weeks back, together with another street light not working at the junction of Dee Road and Robben Road, and another non-functioning street light just 50 metres from the ‘deadly duo’.

I went through the protocols, reporting the matter to the municipal services department, dragging DA councillor George Henderson in, pleading for assistance. Sure enough, I received an SMS acknowledging my request to ‘fix the lights’, with the usual reference numbers.

I think I have more numbers than when I was collecting railway engine names and numbers. As George Henderson told the services section “This man will not go away. Sort it out.” That was ages ago, to no avail: still no street light repairs in Dee Road, although, astonishingly, the light in Robben Road was fixed! What has Dee Road done to be overlooked yet again? The executive doesn’t execute any forward planning; management doesn’t manage; supervisors don’t supervise and workers eat hearty breakfasts. My case rests!

Duo delight

But there’s always a silver lining. I achieved my best time in the weekly Parkrun, even though they put back the starting line by some 30 metres. In addition, the ‘Inn of the Sixth Happiness’ residents’ activities committee again put on a great ‘Christmas in July’ show at the Azalea Hall with delightful duo Calli Thomson on keyboards and saxophonist Vicky de Villiers. Hats off to Liz Curran and her team for a super evening.

Dee Road in Uvongo has been blessed with two street lampposts standing side by side, neither of them functioning. A third light, 50 metres away, has not functioned for over two years.

Some Enchanted Evening

The CO and myself ‘made up’ and pitched up at the monthly Ramsgate Lions’ Quiz Night. Chaperoned by Bruce and Pat Hulley, the ‘Plonkers’ made a fair effort, finishing just two points behind the winners. Of course, we would have been joint winners if we had written ‘Poland’ instead of ‘Germany’ and ‘Mexico’ instead of ‘the Philippines’. ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ from ‘South Pacific’ proved correct! The quiz night seems to have really taken off with a ‘full house’. Finally, two weeks to the start of the English football season! Who cares about leaking water pipes and non-working street lights? Come on, you Blues – the team to choose! See you, Rob.


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