OPINION: ‘Cinema offerings truly are uninspiring’

DEAR Editor,-

I have to agree with Chloe Dutton that the movies on offer at Shelly Beach’s Ster-Kinekor are mostly rubbish, but I hasten to add, it is probably not the fault of local management.

They, I suspect, are sent a ‘play list’ by their head office in Johannesburg who seem to think that the only people who patronise cinemas in this part of the South Coast, throughout the year, are pre-teens, confused teenagers and vapid adults.

Why else would they still be showing the mindless ‘Baywatch’ film that scored a scornful 36 percent by reviewers for more than five weeks, if they thought otherwise?

I think the Margate area has been deemed by Ster-Kinekor head office to be an economically depressed market too ‘unsophisticated’’ to support films of an intellectual nature.

They don’t believe this part of the South Coast has thousands of pensioners who have the time, money and inclination to visit the cinema all year round.

I understand that Ster-Kinekor is trying to cater for children during the holiday seasons, but what about the other 70 percent of the year when children are at school, parents are working and pensioners are just aching to watch absorbing cinematography?

I sometimes travel to ’Toti to take in a meal and an entertaining movie at Nu-Metro. Why do I have to do this when Ster-Kinekor, as Chloe Dutton suggests, could easily dedicate one of its many cinemas to films for thinking adults?

Sometime this week, as a passionate film buff, I will drive to ’Toti to see ‘The Circle’, a release featuring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson which will never see the light of day here. I guess it’s because we South Coasters are too dumb to follow the techno-thriller plot.




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