Be warned: Municipal jobs are NOT for sale, says RNM

Ray Nkonyeni municipal manager, Max Mbili.

BE wary of crooks pretending to be municipal officials offering ‘jobs’ – for a price.

According to Ray Nkonyeni municipal manager,Max Mbili, it appears that some people were luring job seekers into ‘buying’ recently advertised posts.

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Although people have been warned many times to stop paying money to secure municipal posts, it seems crooks have a way of convincing those desperate for employment into coughing up their last pennies.

Mr Mbili stressed that there were no jobs for sale.

There are legal processes such as inviting applications, which are then scanned and shortlisted as per job requirements. Interviews are held and successful applicants get appointed.

“At no stage is anyone required to pay for any position and any person who purports to be in a position to deliver any job, is not telling the truth. Therefore the public is warned not to fall for such scams and, in fact, we strongly encourage such individuals to be reported to the municipality.”

Jobs seekers were also reminded that canvassing of councillors or officials by prospective employees is strictly prohibited.


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