Fidler in the Hood: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Marketing manager of Shelly Centre, Kate Hulley (middle) in a jovial mood at the South Coast Lions' Show with Charné van Rooyen (left) and Charlene Richards of Shelly Beach. 4261vee

CHILLY greetings, friends. Last week’s warm weather dissipated as quick as a wink with the weekend’s ‘Arctic conditions’. Fortunately the sunny weather prevailed, making holiday season and local events all a big success. However all is not well.

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Over the past couple of years, your scribe has tried to spread only good news, which has been a ‘labour of love’; so it’s with a certain amount of sadness that I have some disturbing news to share. It’s taken much deliberation to come to my decision, in fact, it’s been quite stressful. I suppose time will be a great healer; but right now I’m on an emotional roller-coaster.

Painful Decision

After 25 years with the CO by my side, we’ve agreed to ‘split up and do our own thing’. Yes, I admit I’ve been ‘seeing other women’, but my encounters with the likes of Lexley Lewis, Ruth Webster and Barbara van Eyck have all been ‘in the line of duty’ as Uvongo scribe.

Shelly Beach residents (back) Nicky Prinsloo and Abigail van der Merwe, with Angus James and Henna van der Merwe in front, have a splendid time at the South Coast Lions’ Show last Saturday.

But no. it was something else that brought the parting of the ways, consisting of four words: ‘Ramsgate Lions’ quiz night’. I’ve mentioned before if anything can stir emotions, it is being on the same team as your partner. I thought quiz nights in Ballito were challenging and ‘the team’ (don’t make me laugh!) were taking part for the fun of it. Not so folks: quizzes are deadly serious: a matter of life and death. No – much more than that!

Top of the Pops

Now, I’m the first to acknowledge the CO is ‘bloomin’ good’ when it comes to general knowledge and trivia, but she doesn’t know everything, particularly music – that’s where I come in. Or so I thought.

The quiz night had a round of pop music questions, so, confident that it would be ‘a piece of cake’, we turned over the paper to have a squiz at the quiz. Now, I admit my love of popular music ended in the mid-60s when The Beatles, gorgeous Kathy Kirby, Johnny Mathis and Frank and Ella were all at their zenith.

Penny and David Snashall and Howard Osborne (right) were among the dozens of ‘Luna worshippers’ at the recent monthly gathering of Moondeckers at Ramsgate beach.

My favourite music era was long before that. The CO has always had a dig at me saying ‘my life (song-wise) ended on VE Day 1945’. Cheek! I looked at the questions and groaned. I was out of it. But, amazingly, I actually knew, or thought I knew the answer to question six. “Ike and Tina Turner: ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ – write it down.” There’s nothing a quiz participant dislikes more than being ignored, told he is in the wrong and the correct answer not being written down. Right, men, you know where this is heading!

River Deep, Mountain High

We exchanged papers with the next table: “Question six, answer ‘River Deep, Mountain High, by Ike and Tina Turner’. “Yeahhh! I got it right!” someone at our table shouted aloud (was it me?).

I looked at the sheet: ‘She Who Had The Pen’ had ignored my express command. Time to sulk; go into a black mood, mutter, mutter… And that’s when WWIII was declared, folks. Despite attempts at peace-making by Lioness Jenny Henry, accusations of ‘you always know best, ha ha’ were countered with ‘Well, I know better than you.’

Finally, an armistice of sorts was agreed upon. Terms have yet to be finalised, but basically the two parties have agreed to sit at separate tables and be members of opposing teams on future quiz nights. So, separation it is and an uneasy peace ensued. So far the truce has held: meals are still shared and we’ve agreed on a ‘united home’ with no separate rooms.

I still have overall custody of the TV remote, the CO still has ‘occupational rights’ to the kitchen and I have visiting rights. Although it’s been agreed that I will not tell her what to do in the department of culinary delights! Well, I do know on which side my bread is buttered! And the moral of the story: remember, it’s only a quiz; a fun night’, that’s all.

I’ll go along with that, but oh, some of those ‘daft’ questions. For the sake of everyone’s marriage, remember there’s a lot at stake. Just make the questions easier, please. Like ‘explain the game of cricket; including laws, in less than 3 000 words and within 10 minutes maximum!’ See you, Rob.



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