Forging a South Coast for Jesus by uniting churches


SOUTH Coast for Jesus (SC4J) aims to get churches on the coast to unite.

* On Friday, September 1  the youth of the South Coast are called to come together at Douglas Mitchell Sports Ground for a praise and worship event – ‘Youth on Fire’ – from 5.30pm to 8pm.

* On Saturday, September 2 churches are asked to join  a SC4J walk called ‘Feet on Fire’. All are encouraged to arrive with banners and flags to mark the occasion and a plus will be if you build a float to follow the parade, which will take place from the main beach area through the streets of Margate. The get-together will start at 7am, with the parade set to start moving at 8am.

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The pinnacle of the weekend’s unity festivity is ‘Hearts on Fire’, which takes place at the Douglas Mitchell Sports Ground on September 2 at 3.30pm. This event will feature seven local speakers and four worship bands.

So how did this come about?

A husband and wife team felt moved to roll up their sleeves and do something to help bring the ‘spark’ back to the coast. And, as momentum gathered slowly in the beginning of the year, the couple’s vision and mission became clearer to them as they engaged in continual prayer for guidance, prayer for revival, networking with various church communities and so much more.

There are no entrance fees to the events and all are welcome. If individuals or groups want to get involved or for more information call 082 0411043 or 082 5210688 or follow them on their Facebook page, SC4J.


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Shona Aylward

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