Chronicles of Danielle: No selfies please, but some gratitude may help

I RECENTLY read a tweet that was something along the lines of: “Can parents just realise that they need to back off and leave me alone?!”

Strangely, it wasn’t the tweet that bothered me. Instead it was one of the responses which really made me stop for a moment and process what I had just read.

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My delayed response was apart from the fact that this was around 5.30 in the morning – but rather because it was something that I realised I truly take for granted.

The response was along the lines of: “I’ll tell them to back off when they stop paying for all of my stuff and stop supporting me in so many ways.”

As obvious as this may seem, I think there are moments when we forget to acknowledge and appreciate just how much our parents, guardians or older siblings actually do for us.

Although this may be entirely unintentional, I think it’s imperative to try and remind ourselves of the sacrifices that have gone into getting us where we are today.

Adding to this, recently I’ve noticed that so-called “millennials” are being heavily criticised.

To be fair, my generation has not been making things easier. I’ll admit that we tend to do things that are completely ridiculous, which just constitutes added pressure in a society that already has us under a microscope.

Going back to my initial point, I think it’s become too easy to forget (specifically people around my age) where we come from or what our purpose is.

There may be instances where you find yourself unable to relate to your parents, but this is purely because you both come from two generations that are on separate ends of a continuum.

In cases where you find your parents being too pushy or too involved in your life it’s only because they care! When you need them to lay off a little it does not help to be mean or rude – just take some alone time instead of saying things that you will regret at a later stage.

Better still, find a way to reach common ground with your parents. Nobody is asking you to go off partying or to take weird selfies with your parents, just be more accommodating and grateful towards them.

Small acts of gratitude go a long way. A simple “How was your day?” or cleaning up around the house will always outweigh completely shutting your parents out of your life. Naturally communication works both ways, and you can never blame your parents for trying to bridge the communication gap between you and them – so don’t freak out if they try to imitate your lingo or anything to that effect.

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Personally, something as little as that tweet I read this morning has been enough to stop me wandering off into my own little world – a world where clothes magically appear on my back and my textbooks buy themselves.

Next time you find yourself raving about your parents, keep the following in mind: One day you will have to pay your own bills, cook your own food and worst of all, you’ll have to buy your own Easter eggs.

Also, there will come a time when you’ll miss having people who have loved you unconditionally and have put your needs well before their own.


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