OPINION: ‘SAPS supports 4 Paws in rescue’

Dear Editor:

It is not often that we need police backup but this case was so urgent that the decision was taken by myself to ask for help.

A young greyhound was found with a very badly injured eye. Infection was imminent and the pain must have been excruciating. The owner of the dog was spoken to on various occasions but to no avail. We were not allowed to take the dog for medical attention.

Four weeks went by with constant arguing and begging taking place. Eventually, after much threatening, it was agreed that we could take the dog to the vet, only to arrive that afternoon to find the dog gone. More fighting and threatening ensued and another week went by.

I contacted a prosecutor at the Scottburgh court who informed me that we should try one more time and, if not successful, then lay a charge of animal cruelty.

It must be understood by those who don’t know what we do and how we do it, that we try and not break the trust relationship between ourselves and the people where we do our work with the dogs. It is vital that we are trusted otherwise our efforts are in vain.

So, the SAPS in Umkomaas was contacted via Captain Mark West who, in turn, requested that one of his men make contact with me.

In come Warrant Officer SB Myeza and Lieutenant-Colonel Nene in full uniform and ready to rumble. The situation was explained and photos were produced of the injury, which shocked both the men and an immediate decision was taken that they would go and see the owner in this regard.

The dog was handed over the very next morning and I am happy to report that he is being operated on to remove the eye and, in time, he will be good as new.

A big shout out and thank you to both W/O Myeza and Lt-Col Nene of the Umkomaas SAPS for the willingness to assist in a matter so close to my heart.

Your empathy towards this dog that you had never seen before was amazing and has restored my faith in mankind.
Thank you both.

Smooches from all the pooches.

Nicky Koekemoer
4 Paws and a Tale Rescue


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