WATCH: Sarel slices open sofa to save green mamba

A GREEN mamba  getting cosy for a winter in a couch had a rude awakening when snake catcher Sarel van der Merwe of Pure Venom Reptile Park had to remove it from its snug new home.

It was quite a rigmarole for Sarel to remove Mr Snake from the sofa.

Not knowing if it was inside the sofa or not, the petrified family from Margate Extension 3 helped Sarel carry the couch out on to the verandah, hoping that the serpent would get the hint and move on.

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But instead, Sarel received a phone call the following day with the news that the mamba was definitely inside the couch and could he please come and remove is as quickly as possible.

Sarel returned to the house and was left with only one option, and that was to cut open the sofa.

It was rather tricky as I didn’t want to cut or hurt the snake but at the same time I had to be careful  it didn’t bite me, – Sarel van der Merwe

But, of course, Sarel always does a great job, and the story ended happily for everyone –  Sarel unscathed, relieved family who can get their couch back and a safe snake.

Despite snakes becoming less active during cold weather these creatures are still around.

Sarel recently rescued two green mambas, a male and female,  from a tree in Sea Park and another hiding behind a fridge in Southport.

Anyone who has a problem with a snake can contact Sarel at 082 6831604.


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