Illegal posters seem to be a sign of the times in Marine Drive

Loads of posters from private businesses are stuck on electricity poles along Marine Drive in Uvongo.

UMTENTWENI and Margate residents have raised concerns over municipal signage by-law policies and whether or not offenders are punished.

Bill Smuts, who lives in Margate,  said some of the signs erected by businesses in the area obstruct traffic signs.

“I thought there were processes to follow before signage could be erected. If that is the case, why are some people allowed to erect them just anywhere?”

This is just one of many posters along Marine Drive in Ramsgate. The owner of the business concerned claims he had followed the correct channels but that the municipality had ‘run out of stickers’.

Some business owners who say they abide by municipal by-laws said they wondered whether it was ‘open season’ for erecting adverts, as news signs seemed to appear overnight.

Spokesman for Ray Nkonyeni Municipality, Simon April, said in terms of signage by-laws, application must be made to the municipality for approval.

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“No person should display or erect any advertising sign or use any structure and device as an advertising sign without first having obtained the written approval of the council,” he stressed.

A Durban based comedian was due to perform in Margate last month. However, his poster is still stuck on a municipal street light on Margate’s  Marine Drive.

According to Mr Simon, during the approval process, council obtains samples of the poster and then the applicant is required to pay a tariff and a refundable deposit which is returned upon removal of the posters.

“Those who fail to comply with signage by-laws are normally issued with a notice and thereafter prosecuted and, on conviction, fined R 15 000 plus R 1 000 per day for every day after the sign remains displayed.”

Mr April says offenders can also face 12 months in prison.


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