Inspiration: A tribute to my mother

I HAVE many fond memories of my late mother. Most are of her teaching me life lessons about how to treat others, ie: with dignity and respect, wisdom on how to raise children and so forth and in so doing bringing honour to God.

I must confess that at the time I never really appreciated her counsel but now that I have a family of my own, I find myself often times visiting that storage space.

My mother lived a simple life. She never aspired for greatness or fame or riches but she loved the Lord and endeavoured to serve Him the best she could with what she had. And what she had was a desire to help the poor around her.

I remember, often times when my nephew and I would go to our neighbours and call them home to fetch leftover food.

She also tried to live peaceably with them and kept from getting caught up with the neighbourhood gossip and slander.

Even if she did hear anything unpleasant about someone, she would try to not let it affect her relationship with them.

There was a time when one of the children in our neighbourhood was left abandoned and she just went over and brought her home to live with us, not considering the financial implications this decision would have on our family, bearing in mind that she was receiving a government grant at the time.

She did not occupy a position on the church board or even sought it, nor was she recognised and awarded for her community service.

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But what her hands found to do, she did with joy and gladness.

As a fitting tribute to honour the memory of my mother, my sister prepared a meal to feed one the poorest communities in the area in which we lived.

Don’t get me wrong, my mother wasn’t perfect. She had her faults like everybody else. But I am so grateful to God for my mother and for allowing us the privilege to be raised by someone who lived the lessons that she taught us.

You may be familiar with this saying; ‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’.

I know that at first glance this saying may leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. But consider this. As mothers, God has given us this amazing privilege of having tremendous influence in the lives of our children.

And as mothers, we can use this, to influence them in a way that brings them life or one that could result in them choosing a path that is destructive- not just for themselves but for others too.

Having then this awesome privilege, let us raise them with godly influence that will help them find their God-given purpose and destiny.

And trust that by the grace of God they will enjoy good success in their lives and become functional and have great influence and worth in a world gone mad.


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