From the Word: No matter how far you have gone wrong, there is always a way back


Malachi chapter 3 vs 6

For I am the Lord, I do not change; that is why you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed.

OFTEN, when you hear the word ‘Malachi’, the first thing you think is of ‘tithes’ and ‘robbing God’.

This is usually associated with some kind of fear of ‘doing wrong’.

Yes, the book does record some stern warnings to the priests mainly through the prophet Malachi at that time in Israel’s history.

No doubt, Israel was significantly off the course God had planned for them, the priests especially.

But there’s so much more to the book.

The Israelis thought they had it tough.

What they didn’t realise was that it actually could have been a whole lot worse were it not for God’s covenant with their ancestors, the likes of Noah, Abraham and David.

They were whinging and whining about their lot, oblivious to the fact that, to steal a quote, ‘others had died for less’.

Through Malachi, God brings a sharp rebuke, reminding them that it is because of who He is (not them) that they have not been completely ‘smoted’ already.

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That’s extremely good news for us now.

Yes, we live on the other side of Jesus and His resurrection, and are now under Grace.

But it was evident even back then that God’s heart was to preserve, keep and nurture His people.

How about the covenant He gave to Levi, the original priest – one of life and peace. All he had to do was ‘fear’ God, ie: respect Him and do what He asked.

It wasn’t that difficult. Levi got it right initially, according to Malachi.

But down the years, things went pear-shaped.

The problem was that the people had become immensely stubborn and lazy, full of pride and simply wanted to do things their own way.

When problems came, they blamed God.

Fortunately, some of them came to their senses, and basically, they got their act together.

They acknowledged that they had not done what God had asked, and committed to doing these things.

It’s never too late to change, to get it right.

For a start, what we need to do is acknowledge God for who He is and then live the way He asks us to do.

Then He says He will come in and bring judgment on the things that are not right. This He does in His own timing.

Our part is not to ‘judge’ others, but to get our own lives right with God first.

He promises to be there, even when times get tough.


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