WATCH: WARNING! Thieves walk among us, so please stay alert

THIEVES have become so brazen that they blend into a crowd perfectly, looking out for a ‘mark’ with nobody the wiser.

Before one knows it, one’s bag and cell phone have literally walked out the door.

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Port Shepstone Country Club public relations officer Sandy Danckwerts had such an experience at the club last Friday evening.

The club was buzzing after the Master Builders’ Golf Day.

Sandy took scores of photographs – some were for publication in the Herald – and then put her camera down next to her bag in the same spot she uses every week, in full view of everyone in the pub.

Moments later, she turned around and both were gone.

Afterwards, CCTV footage showed a well dressed man following her around as she walked between the bar and the hall where the prize giving was held.

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“It’s quite scary to see this guy hovering around me without me even noticing,” said Sandy. “It’s a harsh lesson for all of us as it could happen anywhere.”

The suspected thief was obviously aware of the CCTV cameras as he covered his face every time he walked passed one.

Some golfers even remember the man chatting to them as if he had just played in the competition

If anyone can identify this man, please contact the Port Shepstone Country Club at 039 6950140.


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Bevis Fairbrother
Branch Manager

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