Call goes out – ‘top four’ vacancies at Ugu need to be filled

Current Ugu general manager for corporate services, Vuyi Tsako, is expected to be among the applicants for her position.

PLANS to fill four major positions at Ugu District Municipality are in the pipeline. The posts were recently advertised by Ugu and they include the municipal manager, chief financial officer as well as two general managers, one for infrastructure and the other for corporate services.

Ugu general manager for infrastructure and economic development, Zakithi Mbonambe, is also facing a possible axe after Ugu advertised her post.

All four posts are vital to the functioning of the municipality administratively, as they each play a pivotal role in making sure water and sanitation services are delivered adequately to communities.

The biggest question posed by many ratepayers and business associations is who will take over the reins as the new MM and whether the CFO would be able to retain her position amid financial issues and ongoing water and sewerage issues facing Ugu. Whoever gets these jobs can expect mayhem if they don’t get their ducks in a row.

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With a total salary package of R1 521 765, as the head of administration and accounting officer, the new MM will be responsible for managing Ugu to ensure effective provision of services, promote economic growth and comply with the municipal performance management system.

Ugu municipal manager DD Naidoo’s fate hangs in the balance as his contract expires in August.

Meanwhile the new CFO, with total earnings of R 1 244 039 will have to ensure effective control of municipal bank accounts and ensure credibility of finance reporting by providing accurate analysis of budget, financial trends and forecast.

Ugu spokesman, France Zama, confirmed the situation. Speaking to the Herald, he said the posts were advertised in accordance with the municipal law. He added that it was council’s prerogative to make suitable appointments.

“All processes will resume immediately after the closing date of applications. The normal recruitment and selection process will apply.”

The positions will be for a five-year fixed term. The maximum salary package for both general managers is R1 224 039 to R1 521 765, plus performance bonus.


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