Butthead’s Beat: Vicky waves magic wand

Bevis Fairbrother.

ALTHOUGH the Herald has its own on-line ‘newspaper’, which arguably outstrips anything else on offer on the South Coast by far, there is one Facebook group that we sincerely hope people take to heart: Margate is Magic!

Our www.southcoastherald.co.za – which attracts about 300 000 page views per month, available on desktop, tablet and mobile – has to give the news, good or bad with no fear or favour.

Hence we often incur the wrath of business people who accuse us of casting the coast in a bad light. We are very aware of this.

However, we would lose credibility if we merely brushed all the ‘bad’ under the carpet. We do try to temper the ‘bad’ with much more ‘good’ news, but it’s only human nature that many gloss over that and only see the negative.

The Margate is Magic group has the luxury of being more subjective and, believe it or not, we like that.

Many of us (in our private capacity) are members of the group and ‘share’ every time someone posts something magic.

Let’s face it, Margate has… and still does have many problems which everyone should be well aware of by now (thanks to the Herald pointing them out, we might add).

As a result, there is now a positive surge of enthusiasm by ratepayers, business people, Ugu South Coast Tourism and Ray Nkonyeni Municipality to revive Margate’s ailing reputation.


The coast’s ‘fairy godmother’, Vicky Wentzel, demonstrated just what can be done by waving her magic wand this past long weekend. She, her Wozani Africa team and all roleplayers have now proved that Margate can still be a really awesome place to be.

Post-2010 Soccer World Cup euphoria dissipated very quickly, now it is up to all of us to make sure the same doesn’t happen here.

OK, so there were a few hiccups on Saturday night with large, unexpected crowds converging on Margate, but think of it like this: “What a good problem to have!”

Next year (and surely this Bike Fest won’t be a once-off) organisers will be better prepared to cope. After all, the Fest is open to all and the more people the better.

For the record, the phrase “Margate is Magic” was coined by the late tourism chief, John Tack, probably some time in the 70s.

Whoever revived it, we would love to hear from you and help wherever we can. Sadly, there are only 483 ‘friends’ at the moment. Margate deserves many more. 


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Bevis Fairbrother
Branch Manager

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