Five WTH moments of the week

Number 1: 

Robot dog could be the future of care for the elderly

MiRo could be used to help the elderly or those with learning difficulties Photo credit: PA

There is hope for me when I get old – a robot dog.

If my memory fails the robot dog can recognise people at the door or remind me of my diary events.

The Mirror reports that the MiRo is the world’s first commercial biomimetic robot which, according to its creators, means it is a man made device that mimics nature.


It has mini sensors so it can tell when it is being stroked or patted.

Personally, I think it needs some fur. Haha!

Number 2:

Zulu king to get R58.8-million this year

File photo: Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini –

Now, this is a whopping budget for King Goodwill Zwelithini.

If only I could be king. Well, not just any old king, but this particular king.

He is set to receive R58.8-million in the 2017/18 year, of which R16.5-million is for the Royal Household Trust, to be used for the remuneration of staff‚ seven board members‚ as well as the queens’ expenses‚ including travel and accommodation.

The remaining R42-million will assist the king as he takes part in various important ceremonies and traditional functions in the province.

It’s a hard life for those at the top of the food chain!

Number 3: 

Facebook still rules… the world 

Laughing all the way to the bank – Mark Zuckerberg. Photo credit:

An interesting piece written by Why Facebook Keeps Beating Every Rival: It’s the Network, of Course’ – basically says that the rise of Snapchat and other social networks hasn’t “really made a dent in Mr. Zuckerberg’s expanding kingdom.”

Five years ago, after more or less cementing Facebook’s status as the world’s largest social network, he began to buy up and build future networks. He bought Instagram, which now has 600 million users. Then he bought WhatsApp, which has more than a billion users. Then he turned Facebook’s baked-in chat feature into its own chat app, Messenger, and now that, too, has a billion users – wrote Farhad Manjoo.

To read more: CLICK HERE

Number 4:

Surfing with dolphins

I loved this video! Why? Coz I recently got back from the Transkei and this might sound pretty weird but every time I  paddle out to backline (ok, and a lot further out to sea)  a pod of dolphins appears. It’s THE most awesome experience.

So because some of us are still in ‘holiday mode’ I chose this magical video of  Durban surfer, Mike Kirk surfing at Umdloti Beach with DOLPHINS.

Number 5: 

Wow! These flowers are actually mantises.

Mantis camouflage

These flowers are actually mantises.

Posted by INSIDER science on Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How gorgeous are these little creatures?

Hard to believe that there is no Creator after seeing this video.

The wonderful and weird world we live in, never fails to amaze me.


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