SHARE: Will the moon really turn green tonight?

The meme currently in circulation suggesting that moon will turn green tonight. (Source: Tumblr)

SADLY, you won’t be having any green eggs and ham while gazing at the green moon tonight.

Believe it or not, the entire ‘green moon rumor’ might just have been invented by cannabis users and is back doing the rounds after first appearing in 2016.

The date given for this supposed lunar event just so happens to be tonight – April 20.

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In America and other parts of the world, the code-term 4 (April)-20 (day) refers to the smoking of cannabis – a celebration of sorts it would seem.

Just some short facts: The moon can actually appear to be a different colour, depending on whether it is low in the sky, in the process of an eclipse or when there is smoke or ash present in the atmosphere.

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Just so you know, it can only appear to be red, yellow and orange – not a blue moon (or green) in sight.

The  much talked about ‘blue moon’ actually refers to the second full moon in one calendar month.


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