OPINION: ‘Ugu water plant is on the brink of collapse’

DEAR Editor,-

The DA demands that Ugu District Municipality Mayor Mondli Chiliza provides clear action steps to revitalise the Assisi (KwaNdelu) Water Plant which is meant to service more than 1500 residents of Umzumbe. Currently, residents are forced to travel over two kilometres to collect water from a river.

Last month, the DA held a march highlighting the continuous water crisis residents of Ugu district face daily – a crisis caused by the uncaring ANC government. During an oversight visit, the DA found this water plant in a shocking state of disrepair.

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This has unfairly forced residents to travel more than two kilometres every day to fetch water from the river, which exposes them to waterborne diseases. This short-staffed facility is in a sheer state of neglect with overgrown grass, damaged fences and broken ceilings. The DA will put pressure on the mayor to take critical action against the incompetent individuals of the municipality, who have failed residents of Umzumbe.

In the next EXCO meeting, the mayor needs to be reminded that this is not part of the RDP minimum standards, as it stipulates that:

* Water must be provided within 200m; and

* It is the responsibility of Ugu Municipality to ensure that the facility is maintained.

Ugu clearly failed to fulfil section 27 of the constitution, which stipulates the right to access sufficient water. For two years now, the ANC-led district experienced water cuts and shortages and no water provision whatsoever. This affected both residents and the tourism sector with many tourists cancelling planned trips, resulting in local residents losing their jobs.

The DA will continue to fight for the rights of all residents in the Ugu District Municipality to ensure that they have access to sufficient water and proper sanitation.



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