Is Trafalgar’s Blue Flag beach status in jeopardy?

Lifeguards at Trafalgar beach are expected to wash their bathing shorts and dishes in the same sink.

TRAFALGAR residents are concerned about whether their beach will be able to retain its Blue Flag status or not, due to the current state of its amenities.


Ray Nkonyeni Municipality manager, Max Mbili recently told media and holidaymakers that all was in order ahead of the Easter holiday season, but all is not in order at this beach, which is well-frequented by tourists.

Steel lockers in the lifeguards’ room have no proper locks and are rusty and broken.

The Herald received a number of complaints from people concerned that the beach amenities were an eyesore.

Some feel that the department in charge of taking care of these public ablution facilities have neglected them.

Upon visiting the beach, the Herald found that the amenities were in a shambles.

Roof sheets are missing in the public change rooms.

The ablution block had missing roof sheets,  taped up doors, rusty signage, broken windows and some toilets were broken.

Although the swimming pool was clean at the time of our visit, fencing is broken, rusty and dilapidated and the verge has not been cut.

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The guard room, a ‘Wendy house’, at times has no power, there is no kitchen and only one sink, no locks for lockers, which are rusty and broken, the wall inside is damaged and the roof is leaking.

The wall inside the lifeguards’ ‘Wendy house’ is in a state of disrepair.

Lifeguards are expected to change and eat in the same room, the windows are  broken and the walkway to the beach poses a real danger.

“If the municipality wants to retain its Blue Flag status, it really needs to work hard to revamp these facilities,” said one concerned resident.

Spokesman, Simon April, was asked for comment, but none had been received at the time of publishing.


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