It’s time to beat the heat!

WHETHER or not you believe in global warming, it seems that the weather has become hotter than ever.

One thing is certain – an actual calendar for seasons does not exist and the conventional dates now seem to be out of kilter. For instance,  here we are in what should be autumn yet it feels like the beginning of summer.

This climate change means that air-conditioning is no longer a luxury, but has become an essential part of every home.

So where do you go, who do you call, what do you buy? So many questions, with one simple answer – Comfort Cool.

An air conditioner from Comfort Cool – the South Coast stalwart which has been keeping homes cool since 2005 – can not only help maintain a comfortable ambient temperature in your home, it can also reduce your monthly energy bills.

Director Stephen Herbst and his amazing team  take you through each step, from selecting an appropriate unit for your requirements, to installed your chosen unit and providing excellent after sales service.

Comfort Cool offers a wide range of brands, including Samsung, Alliance, Galanz and Daikin, all at competitive prices.

Stephen says routine maintenance is always advisable in order to maximise the longevity  andperformance of your air conditioning system as well as to ensure its safety.

Visit Comfort Cool’s website  for a quote, or call them at 039 6823799.

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