Marburg man struck by car, beaten with pick handle and pepper-sprayed

Both the man's arms were fractured. SN

POLICE are searching for two men who last week knocked down a Marburg man with their vehicle before getting out and brutally beating him.

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The 27-year-old victim, who does not want to be named, said he had been walking in Torrwood Crescent, heading home to Jacaranda Avenue in Marburg, when he noticed a car following him. When he turned into Deepvale Road, he said the car picked up speed.

“Within seconds it slammed into me and I was flung into the bushes,” he said. He tried to get up and run, but he couldn’t.

The man suffered multiple head injuries after being assaulted with a pick handle and a knobkierie. SN

Soon afterwards two men alighted from the car and started hitting him with a pick handle and a knobkierie. He was also pepper sprayed.

“I tried to defend myself but couldn’t move. It felt as if they had been hitting me on my head, back and arms for hours,” he said.

While this was happening, Dean Naidoo from Lazer 911, who was patrolling the area at the time, saw the vehicle parked in the bushes and stopped to investigate.

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“The driver of the car saw my van lights and I heard him say, ‘Let’s go, Lazer is here’,” said Mr Naidoo.

Mr Naidoo heard a call for help. “I went into the bush and found the man covered in blood. I then called the police and the injured man was taken to hospital,” he said.

Lazer 911 reaction officer Dean Naidoo, came to the man’s rescue.

Police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid confirmed the assault and said the man had suffered head and neck injuries and had been admitted to hospital. “No arrest has been made as yet,” she added.

According to the man, one of the men had previously threatened him at his home in January this year over a family matter.

“He said one day he would get me. If it had not been for Mr Naidoo, those men would certainly have killed me,” said the injured man.


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