I was born to be a duchess: Neither the front trunk nor the carport was improved by the contact


BY the time we took our next bush holiday, Katie had been replaced by a much younger long-wheelbase Land Rover, by the name of Samantha.

We were full of bright ideas about the best utilisation of the extra space she offered and how to achieve the maximum comfort for ourselves and we spent a considerable amount of time and money on implementing them.

For six months we seemed to do nothing but bolt extra goodies onto Samantha.

It even got to the stage where Corrie was introduced to a company visitor as “the only man in Orapa who has a R3 000 Land Rover with R4 000-worth of modifications”.

Our previous trips had varied in length between four days and four weeks, but we suddenly found that our accrued leave had reached the maximum allowed and that we were going to have to take our full 63 days this year. We decided to take them all at once and do a grand tour.

As usual, we weren’t ready on time and our Saturday morning start took place on Wednesday afternoon.

It wasn’t really our fault, because materials for modifications were still arriving on Monday and the mine kept wanting to borrow its welding machine back.

We did eventually get away, with three fuel tanks underneath, three large trunks bolted to the roof rack, built-in cupboards under the back seats, bunk beds, an awning to pull out from the side for shade, a built-in deep freeze and a drinking-water tank which produced a steady stream of ferrous oxide soup.

Just before we left, I had to pick up some papers from the mine offices. Some visitors’ carports had recently been erected and I had been most impressed to find that the designer had had the sense to make them tall enough to take a Land Rover with a roof rack. There was a vacant space, so I swung into it, forgetting that the trunks stood higher than the roof rack.

Neither the front trunk nor the carport was improved by the exchange of contours.


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Susan Cooke
Features Editor

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