Three separate South Coast dog attacks leave one dead and two injured

Michael Muller (left), manager of the Lower South Coast SPCA and Trainee Inspector Sabelo Ngcobo (right) welcome (from second left) Rozanne Scholtemeijer (reception), Philip-Michael Kilian (Trainee Inspector) and Sherree Marais (reception) to the team.

JACOB Boy Cele (66) died after he was attacked by a pack of dogs in Bhobhoyi in the Nyenyezi area recently.

Police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid, said Mr Cele was bitten all over his body and later died in hospital.

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An inquest docket was opened and the Lower South Coast SPCA was called by the police to collect four of the dogs for euthanisation.

However, Lt-Col Wiid said one dog was very aggressive and officials could not approach and catch it. “The assistance of the police was called and the dog was euthanised after consultion with the owner.”

Michael Muller, manager of the LSC SPCA, said post-mortem results indicated that none of the five dogs were rabid.

Last Wednesday, Trainee SPCA Inspector Sabelo Ngcobo was phoned by a pet owner in Gamalakhe who asked him to collect her  dog after it had badly mauled a schoolchild (9) though the fence.

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He was also contacted by a woman from Shelly Beach on the same day, after her domestic helper had been bitten while feeding her dog.

“In both cases the owners of these dogs were very upset when we collected their dogs, but these animals can not be rehomed. Both families also had young children and  there were worries about their safety,” said Trainee Inspector Ngcobo.

Lt-Col Wiid said that keeping ferocious dogs is a criminal offence. “Owners of dogs must ensure that the animals are kept inside a yard, behind a fence and locked gates. When walking dogs, they must be kept on a leash,” she added.

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Michael Muller, manager of the LSC SPCA, said that pet owners must take note of aggressive behavioural traits in their pets, especially if there are children in the house.


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