Are Sunwich Port residents expected to go back to pigeon post?

The ‘new’ boxes, though obviously second-hand, don’t look too bad from the front.

SUNWICH Port residents, up in arms about the state of their postboxes, had their grievances aired by the Herald recently and the reaction was almost instantaneous.

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Contrary to what was previously thought, the postboxes at Sunwich Port were less than 10 years old. The Herald archive photo is dated week ending October 5, 2007.

By the following Friday the old boxes had been ripped from their mountings and thrown onto the grass verge, only to be replaced with another set, which appeared to have been gleaned from some more affluent suburb’s scrap heap.

On Friday March 10 the old boxes are thrown out and replaced with ‘new’.

A bit of undercoat and some new locks went some way to disguising the state of the boxes, but that’s as far as the transformation went. Closer examination revealed severe rusting, especially of the back doors and a good look at the support brackets showed that they, too, appeared to have been cobbled together out of rusty cut-offs.

The back doors of the ‘new’ boxes are little more than rust and paint. They will never close properly, let alone keep the rain out.

By Tuesday morning nothing further had happened at the site, except that the old boxes had been removed and – as if to prove that it was unfit for purpose – one of the back doors had fallen off.

By Tuesday morning, one of the back doors has fallen off.

Meanwhile… where was the post?

A call to Anerley Post Office on Monday was met with a Telkom message: “The number you have dialled does not exist.”

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Port Shepstone Post Office had no alternative number to offer, so a resident decided to pay a visit to Anerley on Tuesday.

The whole structure is made of partially-reinforced rust.

The postmistress assured her that the post was safe. “I have two bags of it here and it will be distributed to the new boxes tomorrow,” she said.

“Box holders can collect their new keys here from Wednesday – at, least, that’s what they say,” she added. Her voice was bright and cheerful, but her body language suggested that she was not so sure that ‘they’ were going to keep their promise.

Some of the ‘new’ boxes are in a worse state than the old ones.

By the time of going to press nothing further had happened and the residents of Sunwich Port are not holding their breath.


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