Lucky husky turns ‘slumdog millionaire’ after rescue in Tweni

Mark Lawlor and Brenda Lee Janse van Rensburg with the rescued Slim Shady.

OFTEN, when people look back on a situation, they say it must have been fate.

This was certainly the case for a lucky husky which, through a chain of life-changing events, was given a second chance.

About a month ago, Mark Lawlor was out cycling inland from Umtentweni with Kevin Stott when Kevin was stopped by a man.


Initially, Kevin thought he was being hijacked. The man asked Kevin if he knew of anyone missing a ‘white man’s dog’. He was unable to send a photograph of the dog to Mark’s phone, so Mark snapped a picture of the dog’s photo on the man’s phone and got his contact details.

Mark Lawlor’s photograph of Patrick’s phone.

Once home, Mark posted the image onto the Tweni Pet Watch.

Brenda Janse van Rensburg saw the post which worried her and she felt she had to help the ‘puppy’ in the photograph.

She arranged to to meet with a man named ‘Patrick’ who wanted a hefty sum for the dog, as he said wanted to cover the cost of feeding the animal.

A rescued Slim Shady.

But after some discussion, Brenda bartered the man down to a reasonable sum. “I knew paying for the dog might encourage a ‘supply and demand’ kind of situation, but I felt I had to help.”

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Worried about her safety she and a friend,  Riaan Reyneke to a house in the Old St Faith’s area where they found the dog sitting on a verandah.  When Riaan picked up the dog, he said it ‘felt like a bag of bones’.

Slim Shady sporting his new haircut after being rescued.

“Due to its fluffy, thick coat you couldn’t see how thin the dog actually was.When we got  it home, we bathed it as it smelt terrible. It also ate and drank a lot. We then took it to La Pooch doggie parlour for some TLC and a cut.”

A terribly thin Slim Shady after his haircut.

Brenda said ‘Slim Shady’, as they have now named the dog, was terribly undernourished, was scared of humans and shied away from anyone who came near it.

Today, Slim Shady is a happy and friendly hound who landed with his proverbial bum in the butter, although his coat hasn’t fully grown back and he is still receiving treatment for some of his ‘hot spots’.

Brenda says nowadays he ‘talks’ a lot and loves people and children.

Mark Lawlor and Brenda Lee Janse van Rensburg with the rescued Slim Shady.


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