OPINION: ‘Please deliver without interruption’

DEAR Editor,-

A special thank you to Ugu for working tirelessly during December to ensure that the South Coast has a good festive season! Businesses, especially small businesses, are still feeling the brunt of Ugu’s actions.

Therefore I propose:

1 Ugu staff literally pull their socks up and execute their duties diligently;

2 That this year there is no increase or bonus for any Ugu staff;

3 Ugu implement a working plan of action when there is no water;

4 Time-frames be realistically calculated for restoration of interrupted water supply;

5 An ‘Emergency Action Committee’ be established to monitor and ensure that water is restored within a reasonable amount of time;

6 Ugu ensures that pipes are replaced on a regular basis so that there are no breaks and subsequent interruptions of water supplies.

Ugu’s actions has affected us drastically. We still have to pay for electricity, water, rent, send our children to school and university, pay medical bills and buy food, but how do we survive if they pull these stunts?

Please Ugu, think seriously before you act. The South Coast is a tourist destination and thus puts food on my table and yours. I humbly urge Ugu to please deliver without interruption.




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