WATER CRISIS: Sunday noon update: Izing, Port Edward and Ramsgate – water returning to most areas

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ANOTHER Facebook post from Councillor Dave Watson reads as follows:

“Can confirm that all is going well since the pump replacement and water is entering all reservoirs.  Southbroom, Palm Beach, Munster etc should already be seeing water returning.  Port Edward slightly later.

This is ahead of my predicted Monday so I’m loving being wrong (this time only)!

If you do not have water by 6pm today, please SMS 44751 giving your name, address and cell number.  This is vital so that the techies can fault trace as they run down localised issues stopping water service.  Not likely to get Ref number as these are aggregated reports that are assisting recommissioning the system.  Your help will be appreciated in this regard.

Until the all clear is given, if you have water, please continue using water sparingly so all can get some soonest.”

UPDATE: Saturday 10am

AS per Councillor Dave Watson’s Facebook post, the situation is currently as follows:

“Ramsgate South to Port Edward and inland to Ezinqoleni South

The Umtamvuna pump station is still operating at about 40% due to the second pump still being damaged. Power is still back on but the damage was caused by the phase drop.  Technicians on site resolving. Demands have been sent for JoJo filling, tanker runs and more JoJos in areas that are completely out of water.

Many reservoirs are still empty and those that have some level, are reducing. However, the good news is that the demand is low and I can only attribute that to residents taking the bit with a full bite and using water frugally as we have been requesting!  This is a living example of the community sticking together in the face of adversity!  Well done!

The advisory from yesterday remains the same.  From Port Edward to Ramsgate South and inland to Ezinqoleni South – IF YOU HAVE WATER, PLEASE USE AS FRUGALLY AS POSSIBLE.  OUR COMMUNITY IS STILL UNDER LARGE SCALE THREAT AND WE WILL ONLY GET THROUGH IT BY ALL JOINING IN!

Monday during the day, in my opinion, is the earliest that we can expect full system recovery.”


POWER is expected back shortly, if not already.

Then starts the commissioning of the system which may take 48 hours without the anticipated line breaks, air locks, jammed prvs and dirty water that usually occur with such a large failure.

Ward Councillor Dave Watson posted on Facebook a short while ago that requests have been made for at least 10 JoJo tanksand a tanker schedule for businesses and complexes.


RESIDENTS from Izingolweni South and Port Edward to Ramsgate South are urged to use water sparingly, as the Umtamvuna pump station is currently compromised by a power failure.

According to Ward Councillor Dave Watson, Eskom has found the fault and is currently repairing the last phase.

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However, the pump station and water treatment works are still offline and there is currently no water on its way to the many reservoirs fed by this system.

“It is anticipated,based on previous serious incidents like this, that it will take at least 48 hours before full service is restored,” said Cllr Watson.

“Tankers and JoJos have been requested, nay, demanded to assist alleviate the plight of about 80 000 residents that may be affected by this crisis.”

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Cllr Watson added that provincial assistance has also been requested.

Ward Councillor Dave Watson posted on Facebook a short while ago that requests have been made for 10 JoJo tanks in our area (minimum) and a tanker schedule for the businesses and complexes.

Cllr Watson said that the map shows the requested tanks and it is hoped that more than that will be installed if the crisis does worsen.


  • Stop washing machines and dishwashers
  • Stop washing cars and filling pools etc
  • Flush loos only when very necessary
  • Essential ablutions only
  • Fill spare containers with drinking water
  • Isolate your on-site storage tanks if you have them and if you can.
  • Exchange any water saving tips that you have!


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