OPINION: ‘Compassion can move mountains’

DEAR Editor,-

After years of cats jumping into our flat at night to eat our dog food, I finally started leaving scraps of fish in the corner of the property near the Tweni Clinic.

Two of the cats had kittens (five were born in the drain of unit 1).

This became a big problem and that is when Elaine Steabler from Hibiscus Animal Welfare started helping and we managed to sterilise all but one cat.

Elaine was a great help to me.

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To cut a long story short, at no time was any help offered from any other resident.

The cats were well fed to stop them eating the birds.

Unit 1 complained of trouble on their veranda, so out of my own pocket I bought and sprayed ‘Get Off Spray’ once a week to stop them.

I recently bought two rabbit cages, the same ones used in Durban to successfully tame feral cats, but I’m having trouble trapping the white cats.

My question is this: How come no residents have ever offered any help? If help had been offered, this would never have become such a problem.

Yes, unfortunately I have fallen in love with the cats that I was trying to control – which is only human.

To everyone living on the South Coast: We are so blessed to be living in this beautiful part of the country.

Don’t moan about the animals who share this space with us if you are not prepared to give some of your precious time towards solving problems.

Love and compassion can move mountains.



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