IMPORTANT: If you live in one one of these areas, this is why you may have no water

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UGU District Municipality says it is aware that some areas are  experiencing water supply interruptions.

According to  a statement, the affected areas include Margate, Shelly Beach, Umtentweni, Bhobhoyi, Jesus Areas, Port Edward, KwaMadlala, Port Shepstone town (near Hibiscus Hospital), parts of Gamalakhe and Mkholombe.

“Ramsgate South and Seaslopes reservoirs are struggling,  we are trying to push as much water to the Seaslopes reservoir  as possible in the quest to fill Ramsgate,” reads the notice.

According to the notice, the situation in Ramsgate may be fully resolved by midday tomorrow (Saturday).

“In the interim, we will organise static tanks in Ramsgate South for today and until all is resolved. A roving truck has been arranged for Margate.”

Also, following the opening of valves in Gamalakhe yesterday, the water supply was cut off this morning.

Technicians are on site expelling air out of the system. Normal water supply will resume on completion of this process.

Filling the Bhobhoyi plant is in progress but the municipality has detected a few leaks on this system which need to repaired. Next week’s planned shutdown will be postponed till further notice to accommodate the said repairs, the statement added.


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