Live the life you dream about with a sound financial plan

IN a world full of uncertainty, and in a time where life has become more a commercial rat race, society sometime tends not to plan for the future, and even if that’s on the agenda, where does one start?

Old Mutual has been enabling positive futures since 1845, changing and inspiring lives.

An Old mutual financial advisor will help you devise a personal step-by-step plan,  monitor your progress and make adjustments which will help you define the lifestyle you want to achieve and offer you solutions to plan for unforeseen circumstances and retirement.


Choosing this profession and becoming a financial advisor for Old Mutual, helps you help others to plan for the future.

This life-long career is about personal relationships, where clients become friends and then become family.

The gratification of seeing that first client taking out his first motor insurance, the parent who saved for her toddler’s education see their child’s first day at college; the grieving widow who lost her husband  receive the cover that he left for her to help her life go on makes the profession rich and rewarding.

Do you enjoy what you do? More importantly, how gratifying is it?

”My job has become my passion and yes it’s a profession where one can determine one’s income but the reward is so much more than money. It’s knowing that you are very important to many people and you are the reason they can sleep peacefully at night,” says financial advisor, Denzil Appadu.

Are you looking for new opportunities or even a change in career?

Old Mutual is looking for dynamic professionals who have what it takes to become successful financial advisors. Positions are available at the office in Shelly Beach. Find out more here:

Duanna Maraj
Features Writer

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