Ugu damns racist post as a ‘fake’

The fake screenshot posted to the South Coast Herald's Facebook page.

A DAMAGING post on the South Coast Herald Facebook page, which included a screen shot of a racist WhatsApp conversation allegedly between Ugu District Municipality manager DD Naidoo and an nnamed area manager, has been denounced, in the strongest terms, as a fake.

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Mr Naidoo, who has pointed out that he was in fact at an Ugu Exco meeting at the time the conversation was supposedly taking place, has vehemently denied the screen shot was of his cellphone.

He has reported the matter to the police and a case has been opened.

He said the police were taking the fake post very seriously and were investigating.

“I have not had any conversations with any of my three area managers for more than three weeks,” Mr Naidoo said.

The screenshot was posted on the South Coast Herald Facebook page last yesterday afternoon by someone calling himself or herself ‘Book-Writer KaSompisie’ and whose Facebook profile appears to be a fake.

The post was immediately removed by the Herald, pending investigation.

The purported conversation was about the water outage that was planned for Tuesday this week. Mr Naidoo was supposedly discussing a plan to switch off water in the “black areas” even though the water-related problem had occurred in the “white area”.

In response to his ‘area manager’ questioning him about the fairness of it, Mr Naidoo is alleged to have said that people in Shelly Beach, Oslo Beach and Ramsgate were Ugu’s “bread and butter” and had gone on to describe the people in “locations” as “free-loaders”.

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Mr Naidoo said the fake post was carefully orchestrated and well executed to cause as much mischief as possible. He pointed out that all Ugu households using Ugu water were not charged for a certain basic amount of water every month.

However, all consumers would have to pay when their water usage exceeded the amount they were allocated free, no matter where they lived.

Regarding this week’s planned water outage that did not occur, he said it had nothing to do with the different areas but was cancelled because of technical reasons.


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