Ugu: “We don’t know”

Despite many phone calls to Ugu, last week residents living in Golf Course Road in St Mike's got no response from the municipality until they threatened them with the press.

RESIDENTS of Golf Course Road in St Mike’s would like to know why Ugu District Municipality has to be threatened with the press before they jump?

Since Monday last week, at least 10 houses in the road had either had a trickle of water or, at times, not a drop.

Residents phoned Ugu (and all got reference numbers), left voice messages and even sent smses the entire week.

However, the only response they got from Ugu was: “We don’t know.”.

Frustrated and desperate to have water by the weekend, businesswoman Ann Edwards phoned the Herald late on Friday afternoon. In return, the Herald contacted Ugu District’s communication department.

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The Herald received a response yesterday (Wednesday) from Ugu District’s spokesman, France Zama, saying that the municipality was alerted on Monday, February 6 that Golf Course Road was experiencing water interruptions.

Technicians found a burst pipe and a closed valve. Repairs were completed on Tuesday, February 7 and water supply was reinstated on the same day – France Zama

“Customers in the affected area were called by the municipality which confirmed the reinstatement of supply on Tuesday,” he added.

However, residents say this was certainly NOT the case and that for an entire week they had no water.

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Mrs Edwards said she had arrived home last Friday afternoon to discover water flowing down the road, and she had reported it once again. “The call centre was shocked that I still didn’t have water and said that a team had been dispatched to the area.”

Ann Edwards of St Mike’s spent a week without water.

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Mrs Edwards said a team then arrived much later that afternoon and worked until 1.30am on Saturday, February 11 to restore water to the road.

Since then, Mrs Edwards had received three or four follow-up phone calls from Ugu District to check if everything was all right.

The team should have come during the day to fix the problem and not worked during the night at overtime rates. We run off to the newspaper and then everybody jumps and we get action.


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