Ugu bills baffle water users

There was a surprise in the post for water users this month.

COME month end, holiday home agencies and body corp managers often have a huge pile of water accounts to pay for their clients, but this month, when the post office delivered the Ugu District Municipality bills, there was confusion all round.

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The owner of a holiday home agency, who looks after about 100 homes, said that when she started opening the accounts for last month she’d discovered that, although the outside address had been correct, the information inside had been for a different property in every case, except for one.

Other Ugu distict customers have reported similar problems with their water invoices.

However, Ugu spokeman Zimbini Ntlangula has promised mystified water users the matter was being rectified. She said Ugu had been notified by the statement printers, a contracted private company, that a batch of January invoices for posting had been printed incorrectly.

The invoices were being reprinted and the correct bills would be posted as soon as possible.

In the meantime the Ugu billing system had the correct information as it had been the printers who had mixed up the data, so consumers could contact Ugu to obtain their correct details, she said.

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Ugu apologised for the mix-up and promised to investigate the matter, she added.


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