Top Dog Construction throws down the gauntlet

AS a leader, it’s your duty to create incentives and introduce routines that will keep your employees happy and motivated, says owner of Top Dog Construction, Warren Fairbrother.


“Appreciate your staff, always praise and acknowledge them when they are excelling at what they do,” he says.

To demonstrate this thinking, he has recently introduced a rather innovative idea which has worked wonders.

Warren and his crew are calling it the ‘hard hat challenge #fridaygees’ and it has certainly boosted morale and performance in the workplace, adding a touch of fun to the daily grind.


The challenge involves launching a hard hat from a shovel onto one’s head. Easier said than done.

This is how it’s done:

There’s a voucher up for grabs and a lot of back slapping if the employee gets it right.

Psychotherapist and life coach Diane Lang agrees that creating a happier work environment should be a priority.

“Remember, moods and emotions are contagious, so be the happy boss! The more fun and social a workplace is, the happier your employees will be.”


Warren has now thrown down the gauntlet to all businesses, challenging them to submit their own #fridaygees videos.

Send your a 30 second video clip to [email protected] before 5pm on March 29 and the best video will be featured as Video of the Day on the South Coast Herald’s website.



Duanna Maraj
Features Writer

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