Solar energy has great advantages

THE demand for renewable energy is fast gaining momentum all over the world. People are realising that solar power is only one-third the cost of grid power so the savings become enormous over its life span.

Solterra has 27 branches nationwide and launched here on the South Coast three years ago.


“We are your trustworthy, renewable energy integrator, offering full support and the best product technology and after sales service,” says Jan Landsberg, owner of Solterra South Coast.


Jan adds that investing in solar power is one of the best decisions you will ever make. “Although there is an initial investment, you will get this money back within a few years or you can choose to keep on spending this and much more on monthly power bills.

With our systems your investment will produce free power for 20 years and longer, – Jan Landsberg


The best part is that a Solterra grid-tied system will produce power at only R0.50 / kW.h while Eskom is currently charging around R1.36 / kW.h, depending on your rate structure. As soon as you install batteries to draw power from, it becomes more expensive at R1.80 / kW.h.

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Therefore the more affordable system called a multi-hybrid was designed and used very successfully all over the world. The multi hybrid is a combination of two systems and supplies backup power from batteries only in case of grid failure and can be used to power essential items in your house such as lights, security systems, TV etc.

These systems are much cheaper than going completely off grid and are fully modular to adapt both parts separately to suit your needs.


A solar geyser is a great way of saving money and the indirect flat plate collector system is the best proven technology available today. Solterra supplies several of these best brands with some having a 20 year warranty!

Generating hot water through one of these systems is still by far the best value for money and will save you between 30 to 50 percent of your total Eskom bill from day one.


Make an informed choice – chat to the professionals at Solterra in Shelly Beach, where Petrus Ferreira or Jan Landsberg will explain the many benefits of renewable energy.

Contact: Petrus 076-996 5489 or Jan 074-146 6177 / 039 940 0614 or email [email protected] / [email protected]

For more information visit or the facebook page

Sylvia D’Alton
Features Writer

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