OPINION: ‘Which article are we to believe?’

DEAR Editor,-

I refer to the article entitled ‘South Coast upbeat about holidays’ (SCH January 20) with the sub-heading ‘While not a record breaker the December season was a successful one’.

This is a sudden turnaround from the previous week’s page 1 headline ‘Paradise Lost’, which goes on to say “this season was probably the worst in living history!” Which article are we to believe? This takes being gullible to a whole new level and smacks of propaganda.

The article ‘South Coast upbeat about holidays’ also quotes all shopping centres (Shelly Beach, Southcoast Mall, etc) as experiencing a good season, however there is no mention of businesses directly reliant on Margate beach. As a matter of interest, our business is down 40 percent on last year.

Numbers on Margate beach were significantly lower than last year. The truth is many holidaymakers staying in Margate used other beaches like Ramsgate, Southbroom, Uvongo and St Mike’s in preference to Margate.

The Olympic swimming pool being closed and the unacceptable condition of the empty amusement park area contributed to negativity on the beachfront. Whilst it was very evident that the town itself was cleaned and cleaners did a good job, the beachfront remained in a very sad condition.

Tourism is our lifeblood. Let’s stop the hemorrhaging by resuscitating our beachfront and breathing new life into our town.

This letter is just one of the numerous ‘constructive criticisms’ highlighted in the Herald every week. We need a major effort from the council to reverse the ‘Paradise Lost’ label attached to the Margate beach area – if we save our beach, we save our economy and find ‘Paradise Regained’.




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