I was born to be a duchess: Our missing items could have been anywhere

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AS soon as we started unpacking, we began to notice that things were amiss. Corrie couldn’t find the tent and I couldn’t find the gas cylinder. Karen rushed round, looking for her favourite toy and trod on a thorn. I tried to find the first aid kit, but that wasn’t there either.

We cracked a couple of beers and pondered on our position.

The things which had fallen out of the back door could have been anywhere and it would have been a pretty hopeless task to have tried to retrieve them. However, the tent had been on the roof-rack and was no doubt lying on the track in the vicinity of the bad bump. But it was quite a long way to go back for it, and it would be dark before we returned to camp.

We opted for sleeping under the stars and leaving the tent-hunting until morning.

Just after sunrise, we set out to back-track along the route we had followed on the previous day. There seemed to be little or no wildlife in the area, so Corrie was driving rather faster than our normal bush speed. Rounding a bend in the track, we suddenly saw something blocking our path.

Corrie brought the Land Rover to a halt – right beside five lions, breakfasting on fresh zebra meat. I don’t know who was more surprised, us or the lions.

Reluctantly they left their kill and loped off into the bush, while I took some wildly out-of-focus cine film and the smaller of our two dogs barked herself hoarse. We didn’t follow them and we hoped that they might return to the kill later. On the way back, we would approach the spot more slowly, in the hope of getting some better film.

The tent was lying exactly where we had expected to find it, but we had grossly underestimated the distance to the place.

It was nearly midday when we got back to the zebra carcass and, by then, it was impossible to tell whether or not the lions had returned. Some very fat jackals were staggering away from the feast, while a very thin one was doing battle with 20 or 30 vultures for a fair share of the leftovers.


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