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Ashley Munien speaks to pupils during a Scripture Union visit to a local school.

ONE of the social environmental factors that has been associated with teenage drug addiction, crime, and school dropouts in previous research is the lack of committed Christian leaders who will help to change the lives of the youth.

That is why there is an association called Scripture Union (SU), which offers school Christian groups for pupils, Bible studies for volunteers, as well as life lessons and values to help them resist social temptations.

But there is a lot of work that needs to be done, and two field workers are just not enough. Scripture Union needs more hands on deck to help mentor and preserve the well-being of the youth.

Peter Nuttall, one of the field workers at South Coast SU, urged more committed Christian individuals to jump on board and help when taking the youth on a journey of transformation.

“This is where we help them see that one can live life without consuming drugs, misbehaving at school, or getting pregnant at an early age. There is a better life with the Lord and we need more people to teach them that,” he said.

 Peter Nuttall, a field worker for Scripture Union, during a teaching session with volunteers.

Peter Nuttall, a field worker for Scripture Union, during a teaching session with volunteers.

“We do this by training them for holistic leadership. Topics like amnesty, second chances, HIV/Aids, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy are among the numerous things volunteers are taught at the union. We also have holiday clubs as well as camping every year for their enjoyment.”

Peter and his co-worker, Ashley Munien, also go to schools all over the South Coast to recruit volunteers.

“We once had a girl from Merlewood Primary who was badly behaved and teachers and her parents were always complaining about her attitude. We spoke to her about the programmes we offer at SU. We didn’t think she would come to our offices but she did. Ever since then, she has not been the same. Her behavior changed and the teachers noticed the changes as well. She changed her behavior because she wanted to and because she had the correct guidance,” said Ashley.

He went on to say that those who listen and practise what they have been taught benefit immensely.

SU is all for empowering the youth in all aspects of life and not just with spiritual transformation.

Ashley highlighted how SU helps its volunteers work on their curriculum vitae and also assists with finding employment.

“It is very rewarding when we see the children grow in the hands of the Almighty. It is pleasing to see our volunteers, who were previously without work, find employment,” Ashley explained.

“If you can give God your time, God can give you whatever you desire. Come and help us change the lives of the youth.”


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