Butthead’s Beat: You-know-what hits the fan

Bevis Fairbrother

AS they say in the classics: ‘Nou gaan die k… spat!’

Loosely translated, it means all hell is going to break loose now that we know the truth about why hundreds of’ people fell violently ill over the festive season: Many were swimming, unwittingly, in human waste at Uvongo.

And, worse, it seems that it could have been avoided if someone had done their job properly.

Charges of criminal negligence have been laid by ward councillor George Henderson, so one has to be careful about pointing fingers yet. In legal parlance, the matter is sub judice.

We now know the lagoon was ‘very, very highly contaminated’ with E.coli (which logic says also flowed into the sea).

But why was the beach not closed off at the time when it was reported that something obviously stank in the state of Uvongo?

Some even pooh-poohed (excuse the pun) the contamination idea on social media when hospitals and doctors were inundated with people vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea. The outbreak was blamed on a ‘seasonal bug’. They advised people to be more ‘hygienic’ and to ‘wash their hands’.

’Nuff said about the water crisis for the time being, as that subject has been done to death (nearly mine and DD Naidoo’s, thanks to social media).

But even a highly acclaimed ‘spin-ball wizard’ like myself (as some claim) finds it difficult to smell the roses here.

While some ignored ‘NO SWIMMING’ signs at the lagoon and one can argue they only had themselves to blame, there was no sign saying: “Don’t walk or touch this water which might be highly toxic. Oh, and we can’t guarantee that a few turds haven’t floated into the sea.”

Just think, while little Jannie was frolicking in the ‘siff’ surf, ma en pa were parking off under an umbrella… right next to a sewage farm!

If they had dropped a sarmie in the sand, even the ‘three second rule’ wouldn’t have applied.

Hopefully the police don’t ‘pooh-pooh’ this matter as well and at least someone gets flushed down the loo for negligence. He, she or they should share a cell with the saboteurs who did even more damage to the coast by turning off our water.

What is needed now is a mixture of justice (not revenge) and urgent attention to all our problems. Without guarantees and actions, any amount of ‘spin’ (by myself, if people insist) and Ugu South Coast Tourism will also be flushed down the drain.


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Bevis Fairbrother
Branch Manager

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