Southport pensioner robbed at her home

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TWO men entered an elderly woman‘s home on Wednesday night this week, pinned her to the bed and fled with various items from her home.

The 76-year-old was asleep in her bedroom in her flat adjacent to the main house in St James Road in Southport, when she was awoken by a bright light shining in her face. 

Police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid said that the woman could make out two intruders, adding that it is thought the woman may have forgotten to lock the security gate.

“One of the men pinned her down on the bed and covered her mouth so that she could not scream while the other searched the flat,” said Lt-Col Wiid.

The men fled with the woman’s wallet, cash, a gold ring, a gold watch and a television set.

On their way out, they broke the window of her sedan which was parked outside.

Lt-Col Wiid went on to say that once the intruders had left, the woman screamed for help. The occupant of the main house alerted the security company and police.

The woman was shaken, but not injured.

People are warned to:

1. Close curtains at night

2. Ensure that safety gates and doors are locked at all times.

3. Take note of people loitering in the neighbourhood and any unfamiliar vehicles driving around.

4. Alert you nearest police station if you see any suspicious people and vehicles around your property.


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